How To Build Connections That Will Boost Your Career

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How To Build Connections That Will Boost Your Career

Many job-seekers are advised to network so that they gain exposure to new opportunities and increase their odds of being hired. However, networking or “relationship-building” is not just valuable for job-seekers. A robust network of connections is an essential component for boosting your career and advancing yourself both personally and professionally. Many professionals would agree that networking or “relationship-building” is an art within itself. Start boosting your career with these three tips for building meaningful connections:


Build mutually beneficial relationships.

As you make new connections, you should always remember that building relationships is a two-way street. You’ll want to avoid a “me only” attitude and make sure you’re offering value to each relationship. This could mean introducing a new contact to someone in your network or providing some information about a training program you enjoyed. No matter how big or small, extending yourself in whatever way you can will help deepen your relationships and create a high-quality network.


Ask for advice or feedback.

One of the easiest ways to connect with someone new is to ask for their advice, feedback or expertise. When you seek feedback, you are essentially positioning that person as an expert – which will make them feel valued and more inclined to build a relationship with you. Plus, you’ll get a chance to learn more about the person’s experience and background. People love talking about themselves, so sit back, relax, and learn something new! 


Always follow up.

A new connection can easily go to waste if you fail to follow up. After meeting someone for the first time, send them a note via email or LinkedIn letting them know you enjoyed talking with them and that you hope to stay in touch. Better yet, consider sending them a handwritten note with your business card. Follow-up communication helps to solidify new connections and build a rapport with your new contacts for the future.

Connections will always be important for growing your career, landing new opportunities and becoming an industry leader in your field. Invest the time and effort to build your network and you’ll see firsthand the power of your connections!


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