How To Protect Call Center Agents From Burnout

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Protect Call Center Agents from Burnout


There is perhaps no job that requires as much patience and empathy has a call center representative. Over time, it’s common for call center agents to experience burnout from simply the fatigue and emotional exhaustion they experience dealing with endless amounts of customers daily. Because of the inevitable stress that comes along with call center work, companies must take steps to reduce the negative effects of burnout and exhaustion on their employees. Here are three management tips to help alleviate the severity of these issues and reduce employee burnout within your company.


Hire the right candidates from the start.

When evaluating candidates, it’s important to remember that call center jobs require much more than phone skills. Qualified candidates must be adept at providing high quality customer service, even during the most challenging situations. Assessing the dispositions of your candidates from the start will allow you to make solid judgment calls about their abilities to stay calm under pressure and handle stress effectively on the job. If you sense any indication of low frustration tolerance, nervousness, poor emotional judgment or high anxiety levels, these are red flags that a candidate is not suited for the job.


Manage processes.

Call center jobs can be unforgiving at times, as many agents never get a break from answering the phones and communicating with others about questions, issues or concerns. Therefore, to reduce burnout, you must make efforts to reduce overwork as much as possible. This involves making sure that call volumes are maintained at an appropriate level so agents do not become overwhelmed and are able to provide the highest quality customer service to each caller. In addition, it’s helpful to utilize any technology that can ease communication between agents and customers, such as computer telephony integration (CTI) or automated surveys.


Create a coaching culture.

To effectively manage call center agents, a culture must be developed in which supervisors and managers are viewed by their employees as coaches rather than disciplinarians. Creating a coaching culture means that supervisors should provide regular performance feedback and positive reinforcement, as well as foster a sense of belonging among their teams. When employees are given the tools and support to learn from their mistakes, they will less stressed at work and develop the confidence to grow within the company.

By following the tips above, you can keep your employees’ motivation levels high while keeping stress levels low. The key is taking action to prevent burnout before it pervades your organization!

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