How To Successfully Re-Enter The Workforce

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How To Successfully Re-Enter The Workforce


Re-entering the workforce after an extended time away from work can undoubtedly have its challenges no matter how prepared or unprepared you may feel. With an abundance of job-seekers in the market, many with a rich employment history, it’s critical for anyone re-entering the workforce to be strategic with their job search approach. Keep these tips in mind when making your move to re-enter the working world and land a job.


Put yourself out there.

It’s not enough to simply apply for jobs and hope you’ll get called for interviews. You must make yourself visible in your community by joining networking groups and attending industry events. In addition to building new relationships, reach out to existing contacts in your network whom you haven’t spoken with in a long time. The more people you meet and reconnect with on a regular basis, the better connected you’ll be to potential job opportunities.


Refine your online presence.

If it’s been several years since you’ve worked, you may be starting from scratch to develop an online presence. Many employers review candidates’ qualifications online in their screening process, so it’s essential that you develop a fully completed LinkedIn profile which will serve as your online resume. If you have a Twitter or Facebook page, you should also make sure your profiles look professional. You’ll want to make it easy for recruiters to find you online so don’t neglect your online persona!


Prepare for interviews.

Even if you’ve landed multiple jobs in the past, your interviewing skills may have gotten rusty over the years. If you’ve been out of work for some time, you’ll need to work extra hard at outshining the competition and highlighting what makes you unique as a candidate. During interviews, it’s a good idea to share specific examples that demonstrate your expertise and talents. However, you should also emphasize that you’re excited at the idea of taking part in a new work environment and gaining new skills.


Remember, don’t sell yourself short! If you’re strategic with your job search and present yourself in the best way possible, you’ll be sure to impress employers and get hired in no time.


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