How to Write Better Job Descriptions to Attract More Talent

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How to Write Better Job Descriptions to Attract More Talent

We all know the expression “first impressions matter.” However, we often fail to think about this concept within the context of the job application process. As an employer, it’s imperative that you pay attention to the role of job descriptions in attracting talent to your workforce. A job description is the first thing a potential applicant reviews – before deciding if he or she is going to apply to a job at your organization. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to make sure your job descriptions are optimized to attract talent. Believe it or not, there are many factors that come into play with job descriptions.


Here are three helpful tips for making sure your job descriptions bring the right candidates through the door:


  1. Avoid corporate jargon.

Though it may sound impressive or prestigious, using corporate jargon will not serve you well in attracting a large pool of high quality applicants. Rather than being overly detailed with information about your company or the department, focus mainly on the job itself. Be direct about the position’s qualifications and responsibilities so that expectations are stated clearly. The more you can highlight unique skills and credentials being sought, the more you can ensure the right types of candidates will apply.


  1. Be as brief as possible.

Long job descriptions are known to quickly lose the attention of potential applicants, causing them to look elsewhere. It’s best to be brief and concise in getting your points across, and eliminate any confusion. You do not have to provide every single detail about the position – this type of information will be shared during the interview and does not have to be provided to applicants until you meet with them in person. By sharing only the position’s pertinent information, along with some insight about company culture, you’ll get qualified applicants to read the entire description and apply.


  1. Include the perks.

Of course, most people want a job for the salary, but what about other benefits? Put yourself in the shoes of your applicants and think about what they would find appealing about a position at your organization. Is it an innovative culture? Professional development opportunities? A robust training program for new hires? Make sure to highlight what makes your workplace unique so you attract applicants seeking more than just a pay check, but a position in which they can grow and thrive.


Remember, a job description can make or break whether a top notch applicant follows through with applying to your organization. Don’t let poorly written job descriptions be the reason why you can’t attract the best talent to your organization!


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