Three Common Communication Mistakes Of Leaders

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Three Common Communication Mistakes Of Leaders

Just because you’re a leader doesn’t mean you have the best communication style. In fact, many leaders falter in the area of communication, often forming bad communication habits that stay with them long into their career. Unfortunately, poor communication habits prevent leaders from positively engaging with their employees in a way that promotes growth and innovation within their organization. Surprisingly, many leaders frequently make a few common communications mistakes that have a negative impact on their performance.


Are you a leader within your organization? Take note of these three common communications mistakes and how to fix them:


Lack of goal-setting.

Believe it or not, many leaders are terrible at setting goals. Frequently, under the mindset that employees should know how to set their own goals, many leaders disregard the importance of helping their team put forward a realistic plan of action. This results in confusion and unmet expectations, leaving employees in the dark about what they should be doing. To improve upon this, it’s important to communicate with employees about goal-setting and provide them with the support they need to achieve goals.


Poor listening skills.

Poor listening is one of the most rampant communication mistakes among leaders, often resulting in low employee satisfaction and retention. Leaders are sometimes so busy communicating their thoughts and ideas that they forget to listen to others to help solve problems and create better solutions. This can be improved by taking a step back and remembering what exactly needs to be communicated. You’ll soon realize that half the time you spend talking could be used for listening to others and being a more empathetic leader.


Failure to provide feedback.

Your employees aren’t mind readers, so it’s not fair to set expectations for their performance without providing proper feedback first. Delivering feedback in a professional and respectful manner is critical for earning the respect of employees and creating an environment in which everyone can thrive and grow. Feedback should be given on a regular basis so employees can continually work on their weaknesses and adjust their performance.


Though you may be a very accomplished leader, there’s always room to improve your communication abilities. Being proactive about communicating effectively will help you perform better as a leader and enhance your relationships with your employees.


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