Three Signs You’re a Bad Boss

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Are You a Bad Boss?

Despite the importance of self-reflection we constantly hear about, it’s very uncommon for leaders of organizations to take long hard looks at themselves. Many leaders get so stuck in poor habits they fail to evaluate how their harmful behaviors can have a negative effect on their employees and their organization’s bottom line. When leaders never take ownership of their mistakes or make any effort to work on their weaknesses, the result is a poor company culture that sucks the life out of its employees. Chances are, you have no idea whether you’re considered a “bad boss” by your employees.

Here are three major signs you’ve been pegged as a boss your employees can’t stand:


You constantly micromanage your team.

Micromanagement demonstrates a complete lack of trust, as well as stifles innovation and creativity. If you want your employees to take initiative and make positive contributions to your organization, you must give them the freedom and trust to do so. Nobody enjoys being monitored for every task or project, so it’s time to let go and allow your employees to do their jobs without constantly looking over their shoulders.


You exhibit passive-aggressiveness.

Acting rude and insensitive to employees – without telling them what is wrong – isn’t fair to them and creates a negative energy among your entire team. Passive aggressive actions, such as avoiding employees and failing to treat them with respect, is a surefire way to decrease productivity and motivation. Instead of wasting time with unnecessary pettiness, be assertive with your employees by clearly addressing issues at hand.


You don’t value your employees’ time.

Failing to value and respect your employees’ time is one of the most common offences of bad bosses. Examples of this include setting unrealistic project deadlines or expecting your employees to work after hours on a regular basis. It’s not enough to simply understand the importance of work-life balance; you must promote it within your organization. You should always be mindful of your employees’ schedules and take a reasonable approach when placing occasional demands on staff outside of normal work hours.


Like it or not, it’s time to check your ego at the door – for the sake of your team and the long-term success of your organization! The sooner you can address your leadership downfalls, the faster you’ll become a boss others respect.

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