Tips for Recruiting Veterans to Your Workforce

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Recruiting Veterans

As the landscape of recruitment continues to evolve, it’s important for all organizations to effectively recruit candidates from all types of educations, backgrounds and life experiences. Depending on the positions and industries you need to fill, you’ll want to target candidates of various demographics to meet your hiring needs. A key demographic to consider is veterans. According to this recent article, every year nearly 250,000 service members transition from military life to civilian life. Veterans seeking opportunities to enter the workforce and advance their careers are prime candidates for many organizations, especially those growing at a rapid rate.

Want to attract veteran candidates to your organization? Here are some ways to reboot your recruitment efforts:


Invest in your recruitment efforts.

Reaching out to veterans is much different than the general population. Because many veterans have never been in the workforce, they are often unfamiliar with common job-seeking tools and resources. Therefore, you must invest the time and money to train your recruiters about effective outreach tactics, such as sharing employment information at veteran-related events or participating in local job fairs.


Engage in effective communication.

When recruiting and interacting with veterans, you’ll want to pay close attention to the way in which you communicate. Make a point to thank veterans for their service and ask them what types of opportunities they’re seeking. Actively listening to veterans’ questions and giving them a chance to express themselves will put them at ease and help you identify jobs that may be a good fit.


Seek community partnerships.

When seeking veteran candidates, it’s often helpful to establish partnerships with organizations and resources that specifically cater to veterans. This will make it much easier to contact veterans and make them aware of opportunities within your organization. Making these types of connections will enhance your recruiting efforts and expose you to candidates you wouldn’t find otherwise.


Making an effort to recruit veterans can significantly improve your hiring efforts and diversify your pool of candidates. By refining your recruitment tactics, you’ll improve the quality of your hires and diversify your team.

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