What Generation Z Wants From The Workforce

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With so much attention given to the millennial generation, it’s time to shift gears and learn a bit about Generation Z. Generation Z, the demographic cohort after the millennials, were born in the mid 1990’s to the mid-2000s (researchers have not determined exact dates). What’s important to understand is that people of this generation have lived their entire lives with access to technology, which by nature makes them more tech-savvy and innovative. Let’s explore some of the values Generation Z tends to share in the workforce:


Generation Z wants to make an impact.

Generation Z college graduates are seeking more than a job with a paycheck. They don’t want to get lost in a sea of thousands of other employees and would rather work somewhere smaller where their contributions will be more valued. Generation Z workers tend to be attracted to organizations committed to global or social change, and gravitate toward workplaces in which they can make a meaningful impact. They ultimately want to be part of a workplace in which they can align with their company’s mission, vision and leadership.


Generation Z values work-life balance.

A value they share with millennials, Generation Z is highly committed to work-life balance. Individuals of this generation have many goals and interests that exceed their work, with many of them aiming to achieve more than just professional accomplishments. They tend to challenge the status quo and seek workplace settings that are dynamic and culturally forward-thinking. They are not interested in climbing a “corporate ladder” and would rather spend their time achieving something that’s personally meaningful to them.


Generation Z craves innovation.

If there’s one thing Generation Z can’t get enough of, it’s innovation. With a strong desire to make a difference, Generation Z wants to be part of something bigger than themselves. They want to make a societal impact with their work, as well as create innovation with their ideas and performance. What’s most interesting is their forward-thinking mentality to move their workplaces in a completely new direction, which is steeped heavily in their immersion with technology.

The vision and drive of Generation Z professionals can be inspiring for many organizations. Leaders who embrace change and the mindset of Generation Z will ultimately enhance their organizations in terms of both culture and bottom line.

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