What Lessons Can You Learn From Millennials?

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What Lessons Can You Learn from Millennials?


If you follow the news, you’re well aware that millennials are often criticized for being lazy, self-entitled and incompetent members of today’s workforce. However, like every generation, millennials have their own unique set of work ethics and values. What’s important is that managers learn to appreciate the talents millennials bring to the table, and learn from the positive contributions they make within their organizations.

If you want to learn from millennials, you need to start thinking like them. Take a look at the following ideas which reflect common millennial values.


Commitment to lifelong learning.

Most millennials have the mindset that education doesn’t stop when their formal education ends. Millennials make lifelong learning a top priority, investing both time and money into their professional development endeavors. In addition to simply having a thirst for knowledge, successful millennials have embraced the nature of the ever-changing workforce and strive to equip themselves with the skills they need to stay competitive in their industries.


Work-life balance.

Unlike those of the baby boomer generation, millennials significantly value a healthy balance between work and play. Millennials have proven themselves to be adept at effectively managing their work time with their personal time, increasing their productivity and personal happiness. In addition, employees believe that a work-life balance actually makes them more innovative, inspiring them to think outside the box and reenergize their thought process.     


Adaptability and change.

Because millennials were forced to find jobs during in a struggling U.S. economy, many of them are adaptable to an unstable job market. Millennials are open to change and resilient, frequently switching jobs and even exploring different industries. Having many different jobs gives millennials multifaceted skillsets, as they are frequently exposed to new work environments and develop very large networks.

Millennials will soon make up the majority of the workforce, so it’s a good idea to embrace them!    By adopting the values above, managers can not only learn to work better with the millennial population, but also improve their organizations’ culture and employee retention.

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