Natalie G.

This is simply a very beneficial temp Agency, they are truly wonderful people and very easy to work with. Because of this agency, I was able to find full-time employment with a great company and now I am not only financially stable but HAPPY!!! That doesn’t  always work hand-in-hand. I had an interview with Keepers on a Wednesday and they found me an assignment that Friday, I have been here ever since and now I am PERMANENT!! I recommend anyone who is currently without employment to strongly consider Keepers:)

Rhonda F.

I was skeptical at first because I hadn’t done much office temping. But then I was given an audition with a company that I loved and fit my skills perfectly. Ended up doing a temp to perm through Keepers and it was excellent. Especially since I had put in my information with two other temp agencies that I never heard back from at all. The staff is friendly, honest and supportive about your resume and how you present yourself. I highly recommend swinging by and speaking with a representative there.

Hadhassah K.

Keepers is the place to go! They were by far the best temp agency I’ve ever encountered. The staff is friendly and cooperative. They work very hard to place you in an environment that meets your needs. If issues arise they are quick to address them and work very work on your behalf. Thanks to them, I am now permanent with an excellent company. They are metro accessible and easy to find on King Street. I recommend them 200%.

Heather L.

I was told by a friend to check out Keepers for a job. I went to the Alexandria Keepers and truly had an excellent experience there. They were fast at finding me a wonderful job and I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a great job that fits them. Thank you Keepers!!!

Rasheedah G.

I recommend Keepers Staffing to be one of the employment agencies you call if you are seeking a position in a hurry. The staff was efficient and friendly. I was placed in a position within two weeks which turned into a permanent position. I believe they have a great system in place so take advantage of their resources.