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Keys To Success

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Keys to a Successful Assignment

● Only accept assignments you can complete.  Clarify any questions or concerns before making a commitment and advise us of any potential conflicts.
● Complete all assignments.  We do ask that you provide Keepers one week notice if you find another position.


First Day

●  Please have all directions/transportation issues resolved in advance.
●  Plan to arrive at least fifteen minutes early the first day of every assignment, and on time every subsequent day.
●  Call immediately upon your arrival with your phone extension (or anytime your extension changes).


●  Be on time every day-call us if you are going to be even a couple of minutes late.
●  Please call us by 8:00 a.m. if an emergency prevents you from going to your assignment.
●  Work assigned hours or call us if the client wants to change your hours.


●  Professional dress is a must unless directed otherwise by your Keepers Partner.  On the first day of any assignment, women should wear a business pant suit, tailored dress or appropriate length dress or appropriate length skirt with a business blouse (no sleeveless blouses).  Men should wear a business suit or creased dress pants with a jacket, dress shirt and tie.  Thereafter, please follow the appropriate dress code for your assigned company.


●  Adapt to reasonable job changes.
●  Cheerfully complete all tasks assigned (even if below your skill level).
●  Always ask for additional work.


●  Don’t drive while on an assignment, lift anything over 30 pounds, take possession or keys to a client’s office or do a task you feel is beyond your ability.  If requested to do any of the above, call us immediately.
●  Don’t use the internet (including personal email and messenger accounts) unless specifically directed to do so by your assignment supervisor. Such internet use must be approved by your Keepers partner.
●  Don’t use mobile/cellular phones while working on assignments.


●  Let your Keepers Partner know in advance if you need to request time off.  We ask you provide at least 24 hours notice for interviews or appointments up to 2 hours in length and 72 hours notice for any absence exceeding 2 hours (Please make every effort to schedule appointments early in the morning, at lunch or late in the afternoon).
●  Please call us immediately with any questions or problems concerning your assignment.
●  Notify us immediately if you are offered or accept a position from one of our clients so we can celebrate with you!


●  Complete all sections of the timesheet.
●  Use one timesheet per assignment (one per week if on a long-term assignment).
●  Timesheets are due Fridays by 5:30 p.m. (postal holidays push payroll back one day)  Unfortunately, incomplete, unsigned and late timesheets cannot be processed.
●  Getting your timesheet signed and turned in is your responsibility.  We cannot guarantee receiving faxed/mailed timesheets.
●  All hours over 8/day or 40/week must be approved by us in advance and initialed by your supervisor.
●  Checks are available Wednesday after 5:00 p.m. If you faxed your timesheet, you need to provide the original before your pay-check can be released.


Keepers SAP program is designed for associates who are comfortable making a commitment to treating Keepers as their full-time employer.  Our ability to treating Keepers as their full-time employer.  Our ability to offer you a space in this program is based on several important factors, including your record of meeting Keepers expectations.  SAP associates receive Priority Status for the On-Call program.

●  You must be available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
●  You must get extended or requested back on 100% of assignments.
●  You must call Keepers between 3-4:30 pm, upon completion of any assignment to schedule a plan for the next workday.


The Keepers On-Call program is a benefit that is offered by invitation only, Therefore, your commitment to On-Call is viewed as accepting an assignment.  The requirements are as follows:

●  We ask that you are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
●  We ask that you are flexible for all types of assignments and available for all geographic areas covered by Keepers.
●  We ask that you always receive great client feedback on all assignments.

When you are invited to join the on-call program, please arrive at your Keepers Career Store by 8:45 a.m., professionally dressed and prepared to go on an assignment.

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