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What is the Keepers Difference?

  • Keepers guarantees a minimum of 30 hours per week to our temporary Associates
  • We hire about 1 out of every 10 candidate we interview, ensuring we only receive the most talented candidates we can.
  • Our “Guaranteed Work Program” earns Keepers a full commitment from each and every associate that we hire.
  • Keepers associates are of the highest caliber, so our clients can be guaranteed that they will receive a temp on site that is self-directed and motivated.
  • Keepers offers clients a “free audition”, in which one of our employees works in a client’s office for a day in order to demonstrate their exceptional abilities and our World Class Service.
  • Because Keepers guarantees work to our associates we always have associates in our office, first thing in the morning, ready to respond at a moment’s notice to any last minute need of our clients.
  • Keepers completes a background check and references prior to first assignment, so we are sure that our candidates meet the highest standards.
  • A Keepers associate’s first assignment is in our office, which allows us to identify extraordinary performers
  • Keepers’ works to help our associates grow by providing paid computer based training in all of our offices.
  • We are so sure that our associates are “The-Best-of-the-Best” that we give our clients a 48 hour guarantee on all assignments (four times the industry average). If you hire one of our Keepers Associates we will give you a 90-day 100% guarantee: For the first 30 days after hire we will refund 100% of any fee that you paid. For the next 60 days we will replace the associate completely free of charge.
  • Keepers’ Recruiters and Account Managers are trained to uncover the specific needs of their clients, including all of the  “intangibles”, and really get to know each and every associate to ensure a great fit for our clients every time.
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Feeling Unproductive? Learn How to Overcome Procrastination!

Posted on: March 22, 2017

  Are you struggling to be more productive at work? Increasing productivity is highly dependent on your ability to resist procrastination and use your time wisely. Reducing procrastination is very much indicative of your mindset and your ability to prioritize….

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